Sunday, November 18, 2012

Qdos 2007

Below is a limited selection of works of the 2007 exhibition that followed a workshop lead by Mr Yoshiro Umemura for members of the Victorian Branch of the Sogetsu School. The vessels were all created by Graeme Wilkie and his team at Qdos Gallery studio.

The work in the centre of this photo was by Brenda Thorpe.

Emily Karanikolopoulos

Christine Denmead and Ellie Welkamp

Lucy Papas

Glenys Bissel

'Shoso' Shimbo

Theresa Feile

(me) Christopher James

Qdos 2008

This year for the first time the exhibition was created my me and my students only. As before we were using ceramic vessels created by Graeme Wilkie and his team especially for this exhibition. The linking theme of this exhibition was to use red lines in each work. Below I am being assisted in the assembling of a bamboo sculpture.

The finished work in three 'pillows' by Graeme Wilkie.

Birch and wisteria vine by Christopher.

Grape vine and date seeds by Ellie Welkamp.

Palm spathes by Helen Quarrell.

Willow by Ellie Welkamp.

Agave leaf by Helen Quarrell.

Dried Fitonia leaves by Helen 

Palm pod by Helen 
Quarrell and Ellie Welkamp.

Corky Elm by Christine Denmead.

General view of upper level of the gallery.

From the left: Ellie Welkamp, Christine Denmead, Christopher James, Helen Quarrell.